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This article is about the everything you need to know before you leave the Spacedock. For more articles go back to Project Nebula Wiki

Welcome back Nebulites, so you decided to come over and gather a bit more information before you leave the Spacedock either per choice or because you couldn't get yourself a ship yet. But that's all right this is a decent choice you've made. Here we'll cover basic information as most of the subjects will have their own dedicated page. Grab a seat and take some notes.

Top UI.png
Play: Will take you to the Game itself so you can explore space.
Overview : Will take you to an overview of your claimed planet, the ships you own and also your inventory.
Marketplace : The place to Buy/Sell your newly acquired possesion, Planets and Ships.
Research : This is one of the most important sections of the game. It's the place where you'll research new tech to colonize certain type of planet.
Collection : This is where all your precious collectible like Lore Pieces, Music or Artwork will be available for you to see.
Achievement and Leaderboard : Should be added to the game later on.
Profile : Is simply to Log in/ Log out and connect Icon wallet.

Top UI2.png

Fuel.pngFuel: Amount of fuel available to move your ship through the grid.
Credit.pngCredits : The amount currently stored on your account, used to Claim some planet and complete planetary upgrade
Industry.pngIndustry : The amount currently stored on your account, used to complete planetary upgrade
Research.pngResearch : Daily Research Generated. This is the resource needed in the Research menu
Play Music.png Stop Music.png Ambiant Music Control : Used to stop or pause the music in the browser

Left hand Menu.png

Ship Location : Will recenter the browser on your ship

Galaxy : Will take you to the Map of the Galaxy

Sector : Will show the last viewed Sector

System : Will show the last viewed Star System

Planet : Will show the last viewed Planet


When exploring through space you will mostly see 3 different colors of Hexes.

Grey Hex: This is the Fog of War, behind those Hexes you will find all kinds of item to discover and Claim.
Blue Hex: Represent Hex that you have already explored and are now possible to travel for at lower cost.
Red Hex: Represent Hex that has yet to be explored.