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This article is about the everything you need to know about Industry. For more articles go back to Project Nebula Wiki Industry Banner.png

All topic regarding ressources should be very simple, i'll try to cover all detail in the form of a Q&A to make it simple to read.

Q-How is Industry Generated ?
A-There is 2 ways you can generate Industry First : Hourly generation of your planets or Item found on the grid the other way is from looting/scavenging item from the grid. I suggest you spend some time HERE to learn what item can earn you more Industry.

Q-How can I generate more Industry ?
A-Looting Items found in sectors, completing planetary upgrade or claiming more planets are the ways to go.

Q-Where can I see my maximum Industry ?

A-Just hover your mouse on the Industry Logo on top right of your screen, you should see a detailed view of your earning and maximum storage.

Current Industry : This is your actual Industry count.

Daily Industry : This is the amount of credit you are generating each day.

Max capacity is the total capacity of your Planets + your Planets upgrades.

Q-How is maximum Industry calculated ?
A-Maximum capacity is calculated like this (Daily Planet Income X3)+(Capacity Upgrade on your planet) Minimum Capacity being 50
(Maximum ressources storage does not inculed income from planet upgrade)

Q-I went above my Maximum Industry capacity, how is that possible ?
A-Some Items found in sectors will provide you with instant Industry bonus, if you were already at maximum this will take you above, but this will stop your credit hourly generation as long as you are capped.

Q-How is Industry Spent ?
A-Industry are used to build planetary upgrades.